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Contest Annoucment

Gather, Hunt and craft contest!

The item list will be posted ina a few days.  This contest will take place on a fresh world with no VIP or staff perks active.  There will be random numbers of serveral items totaling a 'full double chest'.



Current Contest Server is 1.16.1


gallery/mojang premium gift card
Team Name  
Grand Prize Contestant (In Game Name)  
Team Member #1  
Team Member #2  

Prize winner must be named prior to contest start.


2 Additional Team members can assist and will receive titles and/or other prizes.


Named winner cannot have the current prizes listed for this contest.


*Restrictions Apply

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Sciencelover89 Youtube w/ BMMC Network

Contest Entry FOrm

July 17, 18, 19 2020 Starting Time 5pm EST on July, 17th then thru the 19th or when a team completes the event with all listed items!

Items needed to win are listed here:  Click link

(if splitting prizes names of who gets what prize will go here.)